I guess the Fates are conspiring for me, somewhat. I made another sell this week. This is very good for many reasons, but it lets me know that I can’t stay in the funk I’ve been in. Things are moving on, and i have to, as well. I like my funk. It feels good, like […]

Caned Proper

Not really.  I was a good little troll.  I just wanted to get your attention.  Although I did go out last night.  I’ve not gone out, well you know, in a year. It was weird.   I felt like everyone could see through me, and even when I was watching a cute little blonde chick top an enormous […]

A Year

It’s coming up on a year since A’s death. I don’t want to say when, exactly. Frankly, I don’t really know when it was. No one does. The examiners guessed. Anyway. A year. I’ve always thought I was rather articulate, prolific even, but I’ve scarcely wrote a word since A died, and I don’t talk […]