Stranger Than Fiction

I guess that depends on the fiction. I guess if you’ve been following along you know that In’am, the man from the breavement group, found this blog. We’ve been carrying a nice conversation. And honestly, it’s really nice. It’s probably the first interaction I’ve had since A died where I wasn’t really thinking about lunch, or wondering what I’d be doing now if A was here, or wondering if the person has asked me a question and I’ve missed my cue. Being present is actually kind of nice. I miss it.

Wow. Is this what moving on feels like? Being present?

2 thoughts on “Stranger Than Fiction

  1. My wife died rather unexpectedly. Apart from education to gain employment, everything in my life was geared toward marrying and having a family. I’ve never been this directionless. My friends feel the best way for me to move on is to remarry, quickly.

    This does not feel like moving on.

  2. No, but talking about her death does. The fact that you went to the group does. Cure your friends wanted you to go, but you didn’t have to. You could have lied. Part of you really wanted to be there, or you wouldn’t have gone at all.

    Thank you for trusting me with your story.

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