Have Water Cooler, Will Travel

Writers carry their water cooler everywhere they go (I got mone from coolerscentral.com); thus, everyone feels compelled to ask how The Project is going.
Doesn’t matter if they have no idea about the process, the industry, or don’t have a sense of what’s intrusive. Everyone asks. Then everyone gives advice.
Everyone critiques, suggests, tells a story. Everyone’s a writer. I find it annoying, no matter how endearingly it’s intended.
Such reactions are when I realize I’m too involved, too emotionally charged about what I’m working on or about the empty Inbox.
When someone asks me how my book’s going, I grit my teeth and reel in the instinct to tell them to fuck off. Instead I say, “Fine,” and sip from my metaphoric cup.

Too bad everyone’s not an agent.

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