Lunar Solstice and Winter Eclipse

Because it’s been that kind of weekend. What other kind of weekend can it be, other than jumbled up, leading to a powerful full lunar eclipse over Winter Solstice? The darkest night of the year just got darker, so to speak. We’ve not had a full lunar eclipse on Winter Solstice in 456 years (according to NASA though others say otherwise), and it’s the first full lunar eclipse North America has been able to see in almost three years. X-2a+B means, it’s all about the Pluto. I know that made no sense for those of who you don’t follow astrology–the real stuff–so it doesn’t matter. The point is, the darkest time of the year challenges us to look within to find light. What makes this solstice different is that we aren’t just challenged to look within and find light: we are challenged to take that light and do something with it. Other interesting aspects to Chiron, Jupiter and Uranus give us rare support and tools to be able to do just that. In short, if you’ve needed to deal with something and been putting it off, you have the support of the Multiverse now to bring it to completion, elegantly.

On the heels of my post the other day about Tiwaz and the battlecry, I did it. All good, nothing exploded. It feels gtood to move foward feeling at peace with where I am.

8 thoughts on “Lunar Solstice and Winter Eclipse

  1. I applaud your strategy to move forward. I should have heeded your words about the auction. It went fine, considering it was a disaster.

  2. I assure you not. I am, however, in deeper, as it were. The evening was nice, other than the obvious. I have never been more mortified, which having been in the military makes it all the more profound. The woman who won ‘me’ was nice, young. Eager. We are set to have dinner together–also part of her prize–after the first of the year.

    1. I’m glad some part of it was tolerable. Maybe the dinner will be nice.
      I didn’t know you were in the military. The things we learn!

  3. I feel I am obligating myself to someone whose intentions are sincere, when mine are not. I do not have affection for her and I resent the entire situation.

    1. Understood. I didn’t mean to be dismissive. I know you don’t want this.

      Go on the date and then drop it. You don’t owe anyone explanations of your feelings. I know you said it is not easy for you to draw such lines, but sooner or later you have to, and sooner has already passed.

  4. You are correct. No offense taken. I didn’t mean to be so stern.

    Yes, I was in the military. Most young Iraqi men are, now. Although I am no longer young.

    Tell me something about you that I do not know.

    1. Huh. I thought my life was fairly washed over the Internet. I write quirky fiction because I, myself, am fairly quirky. Probably not news.

      I really can’t think of anything. Maybe I’m boring. Did you know I am boring?

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