Steamy New Stories From SammyJo Hunt!!

Coming out of this hot summer, smoldering new releases have caught my attention that I’d like to share with my readers.  Here and there will feature the work of fellow naughty authors, and I’d like to start with SammyJo Hunt.   Born and raised in sunny Southern California, SammyJo currently resides in the Midwest.  Growing  up, she was an avid reader and romance novel enthusiast.  Parlaying that love into writing, SammyJo has several small projects in the works, all leading to a glorious finish you’re going to want to check out.  Her next novel comes out this month from Rebel Ink Press, entitled Haunted by Obsession. It’s a contemporary, m/m paranormal erotic ghost story and murder mystery. Enjoy a taste:

Aaron Michaels and Kurt Freeman-Michaels are musical celebrities. An openly gay couple living their dreams, the boys just celebrated their first year of wedded bliss. Feeling the need to escape and spend some time alone for a change, Aaron and Kurt take an impromptu trip up the coast of California. While they’re away, the pair happens upon an elegant Victorian mansion that draws them both in. After falling in love with the property, an unexpected turn of events occurs which makes it possible for the boys to buy the house.

Gordon Inn has stood magnificent beside the ocean for the past 127 years, yet the house hides a dark secret within its walls. Rumors of an illicit affair and a century-old murder color the Inn’s unique and troubled past.

Aaron and Kurt quickly learn there’s more to the history of Gordon Inn than meets the eye. But many questions remain. Will the couple’s lives be torn apart before they find the answers they seek? Who will come to their aid when they’re left alone inside the solitude of their ancient home? And, will the boys be able to solve the mystery before more lives are lost?

Another project SammyJo is proud to be part of is the anthology entitled Chasing the Dream, to be released via Silver Publishing on September 17th. The anthology also includes the efforts of Sue Brown and GA Hauser. This m/m compilation of erotic stories and will be released in both eBook and paperback. Here’s a glimpse of her piece, “The Soul Awakening.”

While on promotional tour across Europe, Michael Nolan’s rental car encounters engine trouble and leaves him stranded in the dead of night. The offer of help from a tall dark stranger sets him upon a life-altering course of events. It could lead to love…but more likely, his own private hell.

Through Rebel Ink Press, next month Sammy’s short story entitled “Checkmate!” will be released in the anthology  Claw Marks.   Derek Johnson, co-author of her forthcoming novel, Muder, Most Likely, also has a contribution entitled “Fresh Meat” in the same anthology. (Be on the lookout for Derek’s first story released September 15th entitled “Academia Heat”, also with Rebel Ink).

Another short feature from SammyJo, “A Test of Honor,” in Rebel’s Once Upon A Twisted Tale debuts in October. Released through Secret Cravings Publishing in November is SammyJo’s story, “Broken Hearts & Candy Kisses.”

Spectacularly, forthcoming is her collaborative novel with Derek Johnson. Murder, Most Likely is based entirely on a short murder mystery Derek wrote about a decade ago.  SammyJo read a few of his stories and was inspired to take this particular one  further.   In its own tale of a fan going the extra mile, the two discussed novel plans and the rest is history.
The result is sizzling, kinky m/f erotica with ménage sequences, with a dark, suspenseful Fatal Attraction vibe.  Just see for yourself:

A series of high-profile criminal heists leads handsome insurance investigator Philip Templeton to Los Angeles…and straight into the life of Henriette Bergstrom, daughter and only heir of diamond broker Max Bergstrom. Rich, beautiful, yet spoiled, and chief legal representative of Bergstrom’s Jewelers, Henriette must partner with Philip to investigate the crimes before a settlement can be paid. Despite the love that blooms unbidden, and the passion which flares between them, the enticing brunette may have a secret or two of her own to hide.
Thrown into an underground world of BDSM, sexual fetishism, and an erotic web of lies and deceit so great that even the legendary Holmes, himself, might have lost his footing, Philip must navigate the waters of love and treachery with his new colleague. But in the process, will Henriette steal more than Philip’s heart? And will it culminate in two lovers finding their own happily-ever-after ending? Or will it wind up being Murder, Most Likely…

Murder, Most Likely will be released December 3rd from Rebel Ink Press

Do check out her work.  As for SammyJo, you can find her @SammyJoHunt, Facebook, and sjhuntwrites at gmail dotcom.

Find Derek, who also writes as Marcos London @daj42, and Facebook.

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    Best wishes & much luck to you as well,

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