Don Draper and The Ugly Guy Approach–Meet Casea Major

Prior to becoming a writer of romantic fiction, Casea Major worked in the legal field for a non-profit dispute resolution company for ten years.  Now a full-time mom to three preschool children with whom she and her husband live happily, she’s got a few other things on her mind–namely her new book from Decadent Publishing, Night with a Dom.

When I ask her what inspired her to write the BDSM short, Major surprises me. “AMC’s Mad Men. I love Don Draper.  [My main character] Melody Manning is a market analyst at an ad agency, and my Dom is based on [the lead actor,] Jon Hamm.”

Despite her love of the show and the intense themes in Night with a Dom, Major says, “This is my first BDSM story…  I’m actually a Bible scholar.”

Authors she enjoys include Karen Marie Moning, Lisa Kleypas, and Deborah Smith.

Major’s upcoming projects include a chick lit paranormal series she refers to as “a paranormal Guys and Dolls meets Kindergarten Cop. A playboy alpha heir wagers he can find and claim his mate before the next full moon, but the prim and proper object of his desire–a Kindergarten teacher–might not be so easy to woo.”

Lovely men aren’t just inspirational eye candy for Major, they’re motivation. When I ask her to reveal her best rejection letter coping strategy, she says, “The Ugly Guy Approach–I ignore them.”

She’s not shy on following her bliss, though.  Of guilty pleasures she says, “The Bible says, ‘Every good and perfect gift comes from above., If you have a guilty pleasure, it’s probably an imitation of something even better. Find the original and you”ll find even greater pleasure.”

Speaking of pleasure, Major left our time together describing Night with a Dom:

Melody Manning’s workaholic ambition, coupled with a slave-driving former boss, has made her the youngest market analyst in her firm. It’s also killed her personal life, including losing her fiancé. When she receives a message from him on New Year’s Eve announcing his engagement to another woman, Mel loses it. Her new, more compassionate boss has the perfect solution for her—get laid. Good and laid.

At his suggestion, she signs up with the 1Night Stand service, listing her deepest sexual desires on the application.  A speedy response from Madame Eve has Melody on her way to Sonoma Valley wine country and a one-night stand with a mysterious Dom.

The sexy, masked Master promises to get to the bottom of her guilt and provide ultimate satisfaction under the safety of his stern hand. After an emotional night of submission and uninhibited passion, will her lover’s unmasking lead to the end of their encounter or give Mel another chance at love?

Keep up with Casea and her upcoming projects on Facebook or @caseamajor.

28 thoughts on “Don Draper and The Ugly Guy Approach–Meet Casea Major

  1. Fierce! You made that interview entertaining. What a great job on the ‘arrangement’. LOL Thanks so much for having me. You have a great virtual home here.

  2. You’re a Bible scholar? It just goes to show you how little we know about the people we interact with. 🙂 You know it’s a good interview when you actually learn something new.

  3. Great interview. One, I love Karen Marie Moning as well, great fever series. Two, very interested in learning more about your upcoming projects. Guys and Dolls (paranormal) meets Kindergarten Cop, now that is original!

  4. Wow..didn’t know you were a Bible Scholar. The things we learn. This book sounds great. I cannot wait to read it. This is a wonderful interview.

  5. Great interview and who doesn’t love Mr. Hamm. Can’t wait to read your paranormal.


    p.s. Tweeted and facebooked

  6. Excellent interview, ladies! I guess I’ll have to watch some re-runs of Mad Men to see the original of the Dom. 🙂 He’s a sexy man whoever he was modeled on. Love the story, Casea. Hope you sell a gazillion copies!

    1. Thanks, Jenna! Mad Men is worth it. It’s a bit grating–the social climate of the times–but really well done.

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