Olivia Starke, Bringing Love to the Urban Undead

You’ve read paranormal erotica, but unless it had zombies banging their way through Sin City, I promise you’ve haven’t really read it. Author of love that goes bump in the night, Olivia Starke is making a name for herself, giving paranormal fiction new life–or should I say, “infecting it” with a modern twist.

New from Decadent Publishing’s The Edge series is her trio Zombies in Vegas. Currently released, Zombie Lovin’ is the first installment of steamy secrets that stay in Vegas, soon to be followed by Vegas Is Dead, Baby and Living is Overrated. Along with a healthy dose of humor, the series is chock full of sexy stiffs and beguiling biters. “My zombie series is dedicated to my love of silly horror movies, because it’s a little silly as well.”

I asked Starke what drew her to write such niche PE, and among her influences she noted Haven, The Walking Dead, and Being Human. “I’ve always loved horror movies and Halloween, even when I was a child, terrified of horror movies and Halloween. I guess it’s the way my brain is wired. I’m a huge science geek.”

When she’s not brainstorming salacious stories of sex with shufflers Starke works in retail management and lives in a little town in southern Missouri, which she describes as “smack dab in the middle of the Bible Belt.” She keeps her writing a secret out of concern for her day job, saying,”Here, all conception is immaculate conception.”

Despite her penchant for penning the creepy, Starke says she’s not sold on the notion of spooks being real. “I want to believe. Weird things happen at the store where I work, after we close at night. Balls come bouncing through the store out of nowhere, motion activated toy dolls talk in the back and no one’s around but us up front, dark shadows pass by the surveillance camera in the stock room when it’s empty. A couple weeks ago the girls were working stock after we’d closed. A broom had somehow fallen off the rack and balanced on its bristles and stayed that way all night until I got to work the next morning. We all got pics. The store is next to a nursing home, so maybe we get ghostly visitors? I go with random coincidences.”

When she’s not working, Starke enjoys reading historical and regency romance. “I’m a huge fan of the classics like Anna Karenina, Madam Bovary. Currently on her bedside table is a collection of short paranormal stories by New York Times Bestselling Authors titled Huntress.

Starke has loads of titles coming out soon, including Her Moonlight Lover and Midnight Madness, and Dreaming In Blue all from Decadent Publishing. Later this spring she will also be releasing a title on her own–A Free Taste Of Sin.

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