Parade of Digital Diversity Book Blog Tour 2012 Dates

I’m everywhere! My Parade of Digital Diversity Book Blog Tour 2012 is underway! Today I’m at Zee Monodee’s. She’s a total sweetheart and a hawt writer. Check out her stuff. She did a great interview with me, about things like mezzofiction, teeth percussion, and days that don’t require crowbars. You know you want to know…

Parade of Digital Diversity Book Blog Tour 2012I’m also stopping by Lia Davis’ blog, where I’m talking about distraction being a great way to shake up writer’s block. “The thing is, when I’m having a hard time moving through a certain aspect of a writing project or I’ve written to the wall and need to dream up what comes next, those little jogs through other peoples’ statuses and quirky quips often jar clarity.” Lia’s also a prolific romance writer. Give Lia love =)

I’ve also started working on a super top secret ninja project. There aren’t any ninjas in the project. Rather, I’m so sneaky you would never know I’m working on it if I didn’t tell you. And it’s dark, oh so dark…

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