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At the end of last week, the film Paradise: Love–the first in a trilogy of films– was raising eyebrows at Cannes.[1]  Based around the growing industry of sexual tourism involving wealthy older women seeking exotic jungle love in lesser privileged countries, Paradise: Love has been well-received.  Directed by Austrian, Ulrich Seidl, the film depicts Margarethe Tiesel as Teresa, a 50-year-old Viennese single mother, as seeking comfort from her stressful life, and finding it in the arms of a young African gigolo.    Drama ensues as her sexcation unfolds and she learns just what she’s gotten herself into.

Paradise: LoveI’ve written about sexcations before, in the post Human Trafficking and Double Standards, where I intimated not being impressed with yet another way to cast women in positions of men with power yet still make them out to be inferior.  I’m intrigued with what I read of Seidl’s film, though.  It seems he is tapping more into the emotional reasons for why women seek out such fulfillments to begin with, rather than on their shortcomings for needing to.  He also addresses head-on how men are viewed as powerful for purchasing sex, while women are demeaned for it.  Needless to say, it’s officially in my Netflix Queue.

Gigolo Seduction by Fierce Dolan So while you’re waiting for Paradise: Love to come to DVD, check out my take on the role of men in the sex trade, in Gigolo Seduction
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Long in passion’s service, confident Asif enjoys his life as a thirty-something escort, bringing romance into the lives of metropolitan socialite cougars. Gifted at seducing wealthy white MILFs and bringing them endless pleasure, the arrogant Persian eschews investing in a personal life. A chance meeting with young artist, Cass, while on the job at a gala event, changes his perspective on women forever, and unleashes desires Asif never knew he had.

2 thoughts on “Sexcations and film

  1. I don’t watch movies, much, but that looks interesting. Nice tie-in to your story, too; I’ve added it to my TBR list (luckily so much is virtual these days, I haven’t a fraction of the bookshelves I’d need to support my habit.

    1. I’m intrigued in the wave of films that are not pr0n, yet are incorporating real sex–not just the deed on-screen, but how it really is in peoples’ lives. Apparently this one is the first of a series to do so.

      LOL @ the bookshelves. Indeed. I didn’t expect to be as willing to go digital for reading, but it’s actually quite nice.

      Thanks for stopping by, Beverly!!

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