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Gigolo Seduction by Fierce Dolan, trending with the American Gigolo SoundtrackSome know that in my other life I’m an SEO fetishist (OK, SEO Consultant for authors), but many may not know I’ve recently released a novella called Gigolo Seduction. What do those have in common? Well, apart from a title plug, it’s been interesting watching SEO build for a word that otherwise was very under-represented on the Interwebz.

“What’s SEO?” you ask. It’s search engine optimization, the lesser obvious coding of your site that allows it to be found then indexed by search engines. Or, it’s the way you make your website work for you while you’re sleeping. Yes, I’m that technogeeky.

“What’s a gigolo?” you wink. Well, you know what one is. The better question is, what does Google think one is? That was most important to my novella’s blossoming search engine placement. In February, when I got the go-ahead from my awesome publisher, Decadent Publishing, I began seeding the title of my book along the dirty digital strip. I did that by randomly tracking how the keywords in the title performed. In search engines I typed the text string “gigolo seduction,” with the quotation marks. Phrases in quotation marks tell search engines to find that exact phrase, not just the individual words. I found no results matching my phrase, as expected. Entering the text string without the quotation marks was another matter entirely. 

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