Steampunk Under the Sea with Nishi Serrano’s Mile Below Peep Show

Steampunk lovers, meet scriptorian, Nishi Serrano, a new Decadent Publishing author!

The sun is shining across the water sending sparkles to the horizon. Under the shade of an umbrella and lounging on a chair in my bathing dress, I read one of Rose’s books of naughties. I giggle.

Mile Below Peep Show by Nishi SerranoHmm, I suppose I should introduce myself. I’m a traveler, and not just an ordinary traveler, but one of time and alternate worlds—no I’m not a time lord, but would love to meet one! Rose is a character I met on one of my adventures, and we’ve become quite close. She divulges her secrets to me so that I may write them down for you, the readers in my world, to enjoy. She’s a member of a secret club known as the Mile High Airship Club. Being a member has its advantages. You get invited to all manner of interesting shindigs, usually erotic in nature. Her most recent foray was a vacation at the Mile Below resort under the sea, and what a tale she spun! Delicious mermen, exotic peep shows, cocktails, a lusty labyrinth, and all manner of sexual follies wound themselves into a mouthwatering novella that is sure to put a blush on your cheek.

What I find amusing is, recently, I perused the Internet to search for underwater resorts and came up pretty empty handed. The only one comparable to the breathtaking Mile Below on Rose’s planet is The Poseidon Resort. I had no idea this resort existed while I was writing ‘Mile Below Peep Show’, but it closely resembles the resort in the story.

So, if you desire an exotic steampunk vacation under the sea that doesn’t cost thousands of dollars, I invite you to pick up a copy of Mile Below Peep Show, and dive right in!
Mile Below Peep Show by Nishi Serrano Cheers,
Nishi Serrano
“Creating worlds imaginative enough to hold the unexplored …”

Mile Below Peep Show is available at Decadent Publishing on 29 August.  Find it at most online book retailers:  B&N, Amazon, Bookstrand, Smashwords, and many more.

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