Holiday Weekend Promo Sale at Decadent Publishing

Decadent Publishing (my publisher for Gigolo Seduction, and Traveler Through Darkness) is having a sale on YA and our older holiday titles, for this weekend only.  Come celebrate Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday,  whee!  All of the following titles are 35% off at Smashwords when you use the codes listed.   Coupons end Tuesday.

So here you go!  There’s something in here for everyone!

YA list titles

 Sugar Rush.The code is: KR44Q
Fallenwood.The code is: MP39T
Pretty Souls.The code is: PW88V
Crushed Sugar.The code is: NG78K
Driven.The code is: AJ48Y
Initiation.The code is: FM62W
Senior Year Bites.The code is: PG67F
Of Light and Darkness.The code is: UM27C
Slack Tide.The code is: ET86P
The Demon Side.The code is: HF97K
The Keeper.The code is: BF94Q
Subversive.The code is: JW87N

Bloodlines.The code is: AV85V
Detention of the Living Dead.The code is: HG47K
Summer Break Blues.The code is: RB32M
Coming Home.The code is: BJ58G
Contagion.The code is: MC36J
Steaming.The code is: GJ28V

Holiday back list titles

Snowy Encounters.The code is: JG95C
A Christmas Promise.The code is: MM24W
A Christmas Evening Vigil.The code is: VJ34Z
Secret Santa.The code is: LX27U
Mid-Winter Magic.The code is: FV49L
Unwrapping Scrooge.The code is: MB33N
Evie’s Gift.The code is: UM48G
Holiday Headlines.The code is: FS68D
Smitten.The code is: VN99F
The Ghost of Vampire Present.The code is: FS29G
Melting Frost.The code is: JY39Y
The Christmas Fantasy.The code is: KE49M
Ms. Claus’s List.The code is: UB95R
This Endris Night.The code is: AD27F
All She Wants for Christmas is Her Dom.The code is: SF45E
Avalon for Christmas.The code is: AX47T
Under the Tree.The code is: BY44L
Her First White Christmas.The code is: FH87N
The Sweetest Gift.The code is: XX39P
He Came Upon a Midnight Clear.The code is: HY34R
Peppermint Passion.The code is: JJ88L
Santa, Cutie.The code is: WF84Q
Last Christmas.The code is: PD24Q
Taking Down Mistletoe.The code is: HN43G

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