Friday Flash – The Rickshaw Wallah

From a distance the wallah was a blur perched on the lower step of a stoop, with the strings of his paijama flying loose on the hot breeze.   Nearby, his rickshaw waited for the village to wake, as he savored rare solitude before a dusty, bustling day.  The market block stretched between them, but even in dawn’s half light, she could tell from the languid, rhythmic movement of his hand he enjoyed himself.

Before he spotted her she was upon him.  His head bent in shame, and she silently thrilled.   When tugging up the waistband and tightening the drawstring proved too complicated, his hands stilled and his mocha cheeks blossomed maroon. His dusky cock dipped almost to the step where his bare feet rested.

This close to him she saw he was not young, but young enough that his eyes remained downcast.

“No need to hide,” she whispered.

His head lowered further as his brown fingers swiped beads of sweat from his forehead.  He attempted to tug his kurta over his embarrassment, though his dark cock pressed confidently against the fabric.

“You speak English?” she asked.

A single nod was his response, so she continued.

“I bet you love a tight hole stretched around that…”

“No, ma’am,” he stammered. “I’ve never…”

She laughed aloud and knelt before him, resting her chin in her palms. The sheer silk of her skirt grazed his toe.

“Never,” she repeated, slowly inching up her hem.  He fidgeted, and his wide-eyed gaze flitted to her crotch, to her face, to the ground.  She leaned forward, and his cock bobbed just at her mouth.

Glancing about the sleeping, quiet street,  she darted her tongue at the tip, dabbled in his syrupy excitement.  His shoulders tensed and his hips flexed forward. Again, she laughed.

Slipping her skirt up her thighs, she knelt over him. Hot, balmy air greeted her bare labia.

He opened his mouth in shock until warm, golden droplets dribbled over his glistening tip. He breathed in sharply, and his mouth slacked into a dazed “O.”

“The blue house by the mango grove,” she said releasing her hem. “You’ll stop by.”

As she headed toward the slowly lighting grove, she glanced back.  His head lolled and his knees splayed wide, his cock slipping frenziedly between both hands.