Cover Mates, or She’s Got My Dress On

I was just doing a bit of research on bondage equipment, when a chick showed up at the prom wearing my dress!  No seriously.  I really was doing researching a restraint board.  I know how hard that is to believe.

The funny part is I found my book cover on someone else’s book, and not just someone, but Delilah Fawkes!  How cool–we have the same taste!

Check them out.  Here’s mine, which came out in May of last year:

Gigolo Seduction by Fierce Dolan








And Delilah’s covers, which came out later in the year, with matching shoes:
at hisAt His Mercy By Delilah Fawkesathis3







Check out Delilah. She’s got loads of filth to keep you busy. I mean, other awesome dresses…

8 thoughts on “Cover Mates, or She’s Got My Dress On

  1. I had a similar experience with my 2nd book – I shared not only the same cover, but with an author friend and the books were released a month apart. It was all good and we cross-promoted for each other after we got over the initial “oh crap” moment, LOL!

  2. I have seen mine once or twice and I always cringe a little. then I wonder if someone will end up with mine or hers by mistake…and discover a new author.

    1. There’s one way to look at it. I don’t think that “bitch has my dress on” initial flash can be avoided, but in the end, it’s all about interpretations of art. Go you!

  3. Yep. Me, too. The cover of THUNDER, which I love, love, LOVE, has the same couple as a bestselling indie book! And the guy on the cover of FROST, which is totally hero Max Raines to a T, has turned up elsewhere. And HEALING HEARTS features the ubiqutous Jimmy Thomas. Of course, on the cover of HEALING HEARTS, he’s Adam all the way.

    1. If you can just get your cover beside that cover on a bookshelf… =) Thanks for stopping by Taryn!

  4. I’ve seen a couple of the models on my covers on other covers as well. The best is the cover where I have a blue alien. When I see the same guy without blue skin, I just giggle. I think the blue suits him better. LOL

    1. Ha! That’s awesome! I’m dazzled by graphic artists and the things they can do. I’m imagining my cover guy purple, right now…

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