The Making of Gigolo Seduction

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Literary Lagniappe, a site devoted to the behind-the-scenes exploration of stories. In case you missed it, check out the Making of Gigolo Seduction an interracial erotic novella by Fierce Dolan

The Setup
Gigolo Seduction by Fierce DolanLong in passion’s service, confident Asif enjoys his life as a thirty-something escort, bringing romance into the lives of metropolitan socialite cougars. Gifted at seducing wealthy white MILFs and bringing them endless pleasure, the arrogant Persian eschews investing in a personal life. A chance meeting with young artist, Cass, while on the job at a gala event, changes his perspective on women forever, and unleashes desires Asif never knew he had.

The Hook
“Are your works always so intricate?” She shakes her head, again scanning the tower, though my eyes stay on her.
“Frescoes are always detailed and hard work, but this is way above and beyond. Layering in kinetic elements to give moving light and dimensional depth is my dream project come true. Most of my projects are just frescoes.”
“Just frescoes.” I laugh. “They’re noble and valiant relics in the art world.”
“They’re actually in high demand.” Her tone is matter-of-fact. “Though few people can afford them.”
“Well, you’ve outdone yourself here,” I affirm. Her smile is sincere, her pride evident, elegant, enchanting.
“It’s taken quite a long time to come together, and I’ve left the plasterer more than a little frustrated on several occasions.”
“I can’t imagine him staying angry for long….”
“They’ve given me deep creative license over the project, so that’s saved my ass a couple of times. It’s kind of mind-blowing to work on something so limitlessly funded.”
Our eyes lock for mere seconds and the silence is disturbing. “I was just going for a bite to eat. Would you care to join me?”
Cass nods. “I’d like to, but I need to finish this section. This medium doesn’t wait well.”
She’s genuinely interested and I want her to be. I want her to be as affected as I am. Before I can prod further she asks, “Maybe another time?”
Reluctantly, I follow her to the elevator. She opens it with a pass card attached to a cord coiled on the drawstring of her pants. My eyes linger on the brilliant green gem in her navel.
“What’s your name?” “Asif,” I reply without hesitating. The sound is bare, like a secret revealed, though I don’t understand why. I always use my real name.
“Another time, Asif.”
The doors slide closed, and I agree…

Behind the Scenes

What made you create a story around a thirty-something Middle Eastern American gigolo, and a young American frescoista? They seem an unlikely pairing…
I was entreated to write this piece after watching an episode of Showtimes’s Gigolos. The sex trade is feminized and charged with all sorts of stereotypes about women being drug addicts, poverty-stricken. However, male sex workers are fun-loving guys in the game of pleasure. If anything, their lives are presented as a party all the time. Culturally we depict men as empowered in the sex industry. While the TV show perpetuated some of those stereotypes, it showed the men juggling personal issues. It left me intrigued by what the real lives and emotional needs of such men may be, Gigolo Seduction was born.

What issues is Asif dealing with, that Cass helps him resolve?
Well, that would give away the key conflict of the story. Suffice it to say that he’s very confident and sure of himself, and he truly is, until another kind of pro shows him aspects of himself and women he wasn’t aware of. The story is about unspoken expectations and needs. You can’t fill needs you don’t speak, and you can’t speak what you don’t know you need.

Does he get a dose of his own medicine?
If by “medicine” you mean someone who goes hard and long, and leaves him begging for more, of course! Inside, though, is his real confrontation and resolution. He’s intensely needy and in need of being adored, though he doesn’t realize that until a very secure, though unlikely woman cherishes him. It’s a deeper kind of romance, and sweet in a very sensual way.

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Originally published by Literary Lagniappe.

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