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It’s always fun to Hop with other authors and see what everyone is doing.  I’m happy to participate in TwoLips Reviews’ Stay at Home party, introducing lots of new authors, new books, and reacquainting us with old favorites. Journal of a Lycanthrophile, Book One of The Scattered Dark Series by Fierce Dolan

My latest release is Journal of a Lycanthrophilea risky Book One in the Scattered Dark Series. An awfully dark story with lots of paranormal boundary pushing, I’m thrilled to say it’s done exceptionally well, leaving me wondering how on Earth I’ll push kink thresholds further in Book Two…


A dark tale of forbidden love, insatiable lust, and desperate need. Jesse Holloman only feels alive with werewolf lovers, yet he discovers a terrible secret that’s destroying them, and will possibly ruin him, as well.  When the kink most forbidden is the monster that sates, can he overcome his shadow proclivities to intervene, or will he risk the only thing that’s ever been important to him?


After a few moments of staring at each other, I slid off the rock and stood in front of him. If he’d reared up straight, he would have been a good two heads taller than me, and I was six foot two. Hunched down, he came maybe to my shoulders. His collar bones and chest tapered angular and gaunt to the vest of his ribs. He was all solid, lean muscle, with huge thighs and claws that curled into the soft snow. I couldn’t help peering behind him to see that there was no tail.

I was shocked when he came within inches of my chest. My heart raced, but still I didn’t think to run. Eyes black as his gums, when he inhaled, his insanely long tongue curled out from his leathery, stretched lips and licked at the air. He lapped several times, and I stood there thinking nobody would believe me, and I had no way to prove I’d seen him.

 What readers are saying about ‘Journal of a Lycanthrophile’

“Erotica in the truest sense of the word; sex is an integral element of it, the story wouldn’t exist without it, and yet the sex is not the focus of it, just a means of exploring the story’s themes…”  5 Paddles from BDSM Book Reviews

“The dirtiest shifter sex ever! Not read anything like it before and loving it!”

“This book didn’t just exceed my expectations, it completely shattered them. It was not what I was expecting, not at all.”

“A brilliant journey into the world of kink.”

“Not for the faint of heart.”

“Dark, primal, taboo, hooked me and read it in one sitting. Then went back and read it again.”


Think you can handle a walk on the dark side? If you are 18+, comment here for a chance to win an ebook of Journal of a Lycanthrophyle.  You have been warned…

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