Caliente Blog Hop – What gets You HOT?

Four Seduced Muses

The Four Seduced Muses are turning up summer’s heat with a blog hop for all things CALIENTE! So let me have it–what gets you hot? What’s the thing that always leaves you biting your lips? Has that always been your jones, or did it evolve with experience and exposure?

I ask because I stumbled upon a particular affinity for amateur pr0n a bit back, a predilection I never expected. I’m not one for posing in any form of art, definitely not in erotica of any nature. I prefer risky, raw nature, in all its unpretentious glory. Yet the crudeness of amateur erotic art never caught my attention. It was too flawed, to stubbly, too coarse, too common. Maybe it was all that 1970s paneling, with dirty socks and a microwave in the background. I’m not sure what changed, though I can say that Tumblr has definitely played a role. So many semi-professional photographers use it as a portfolio to the world, people whose idea of sex, sensuality, and erotica would never sell in mainstream outlets, whose eye for emotion evokes the heart as much as the crotch. I love it.

This more controlled gallery of erotica lures me into some of the most provocative, beautiful erotic are I’ve ever seen–utterly unposed, often quirky and not attractive in a conventional sense, sometimes not even sexual. Just… fucking… hot. Find a few of my more presentable faves on Pinterest, on my Yes board, and Betwixt and Between.

So there ya go. Regular every day people doing what comes natural… wearing a neon blue strap-on, ruby rosebud, and a Ralph Lauren waistcoat…

What does it for you?

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10 thoughts on “Caliente Blog Hop – What gets You HOT?

  1. Love, love hockey…I’m a big m/m fanatic, so I love the slashiness (no hockey pun intended) of the sport! Nothing like athletic guys giving each other crushing hugs after big goals, and bumping helmets with the goalie (while always staring thankfully into his eyes) after a win!

  2. I love blog hops! Thanks for participating in this one! As I do love my romance spicy, this is a good hop for me. One of my favorite romances with a spicy edge is “Beautiful Bastard” by Christina Lauren. I can’t wait for the second in the series to come out, “Beautiful Stranger.”
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    mestith at gmail dot com

  3. Gorgeous Smile and Great sense of humor will turn me on everytime!!


  4. I like my stories Hot. Nice abs, strong arms, and a gorgeous smile that melts your heart and kisses down your neck.

  5. I love a smile and a sense of humor! And lets not forget the sexy smile! 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

  6. Compassionate, loving and communicative… Tats, physically fit, and his eyes…


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