Full Moon Freebie

Heads up, howling peeps–or should I say, “Snouts up?”

Free today only on Amazon, in celebration of the full moon –24 May– “Journal of a Lycanthrophile.”

BDSM Book Reviews gave it 5 paddles:  “Erotica in the truest sense of the word.”

This is your kink on lunacy:

A dark tale of forbidden love, insatiable lust, and desperate need… Jesse Holloman has a fetish for justice and a kink for werewolves. He only feels alive with werewolf lovers, yet he discovers a terrible secret that’s destroying them, and will possibly ruin him, as well. His passions spiral into a world of pain, shadow desires, and an even more sinister, secretive sort of shapeshifter—the kind that changes without shifting. When the kink most forbidden is the monster that sates, can he overcome his shadow proclivities to intervene, or will he risk the only thing that’s ever been important to him?
Book One of The Scattered Dark Series.

Warning: This series thrives on explicit, graphic shifter sex, gay kink, and horror elements, often and usually all at once.

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