Two Glorious Days in One!

Gigolo Seduction by Fierce DolanDid you know that today begins Masturbation Month!?  O yeah. In 1995, sex toy shop Good Vibrations based in San Francisco declared May to be “Masturbation Month“. And guess what else? It’s also Gigolo Seduction‘s first birthday!!! My darling hit the virtual stands one year ago today!!  As if those weren’t enough, today is also Beltane, or what’s known in contemporary paganism as ‘the sex holiday.’ What a winning combo, right? Permission to celebrate a national pastime, ancient fertility rites, and erotica!  Better yet–celebrate all of the above with erotica!

What books get you off? Is it the sex, the sensuality, some combination of the two? Tell me the book that just does it for you every time, and I’ll send a random commenter an ebook of Gigolo Seduction.

And I’ll get suggestions for building up my lascivious library!

Happy jackin’ and jillin’, lovelies!

7 thoughts on “Two Glorious Days in One!

  1. I LOVE Kallypso Masters’ “Nobody’s Hero”!
    Master Adam and Karla just do it for me!!!
    I love the emotional roller coaster of him and
    her tenacity in winning him over. The sex is
    a huge part of it, but the feelings they have for
    each other, and the guilt he has to overcome
    make this one of my all time favorites! I’ve
    read the “Rescue Me” series twice!
    And then, of course, the “Club Shadowlands”
    series – what more can I say?!? Give me a
    good book of erotica with BDSM, and I’m a goner!!!

  2. 50 shades started it but erotica is my new favorite read. And my husband is happy to buy me it. Thanks for the giveaway

  3. I love masturbation in books but we don’t see it often. It’s not like people don’t do it, we just don’t read about it. Happy masturbation month!

  4. So many wonderful BDSM writers out there. It depends on my mood..sometimes a ménage or BDSM gets me off or at least gets me ready for my husband!

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