Get Hot for Summer Freebies!!

If you know erotica author and good girl, Shayne McClendon, then you know this is going to be good. On Facebook she’s always either making me laugh or squirm that way, both of which are pretty cool in a “what’s that doing on my Wall” sort of way.

Shayne routinely coordinates these enormous boook giveaways, in which tons of authors list their books for free. This time it’s the Get Hot for Summer Giveaway, featuring–you guessed it–romance and erotica! This time she’s wrangled 27 free ebooks of various genres, but mostly romance and erotica, all for you to download today and tomorrow.

So, make sure you stop by her site to click until your mouse hand falls off, getting all kinds of free hot reads for the season.  Among them is Journal of a Lycanthrophile!




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