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Ah, the foods of the warmer season. I’m thrilled to be part of the Summer Chillin’ Blog Hop. You know I love hanging with my literotica crowd any chance I get, and more than that, I love when there’s food involved!  Eva Lefoy devised this delish hop for erotica authors to share their favorite seasonal recipes. Make sure you check out all of the other stops on the hop, 22-29 June, to see what everyone’s up to, and to find great recipes.

Most of you know, I’m a gluten-free masochist, so for those of you who have to be careful about gluten in your foods, you can safely enjoy my original recipe of Quinoa Salad. I came up with this recipe because I wanted a replacement for tabouleh, and this one is great. It’s a nice versatile salad, that goes well with whatever fresh, raw vegetables you have from the garden. Also a plus, quinoa is super high in protein, and a pretty smart carb!

Quinoa Salad


1 cup quinoa

2 cups broth (your preference, though check the label for gluten)

1 shallot, finely chopped

4 T olive oil

1 T wasabi (brown mustard works well as a replacement)

1 T balsamic vinegar

1 t Worcestershire Sauce (again, check the label)

1 T honey

1/2 bunch chopped Italian parsley (only the leaves)

half a block of feta, crumbled

1/3 c dried, unsulfured cranberries, chopped roughly

1/4 c pine nuts, toasted

S&P to taste



Place quinoa and broth in a medium pot.  Bring to a boil, then reduce heat to low.  Cook for 15 minutes, or until softened.

While quinoa cooks, prepare the dressing.  Sauté the shallot in the olive oil until caramelized.  In a large bowl, combine these with the wasabi, balsamic vinegar, and Worcestershire sauce.

Allow the cooked quinoa to cool to warm before adding the other ingredients.  If you’re in a hurry, spread it on a cookie sheet and let it cool for about 15 minutes.

When cooled, combine the quinoa, dressing, parsley, feta, cranberries, and pine nuts.  Add S&P to taste. Work in a bit more olive oil if you prefer your salad more moist.


You could add roasted butternut squash to this recipe and sub goat cheese for the feta, or go for a totally raw vegetable dish and add diced tomatoes, cucumbers, and kalamata olives. Sometimes I use dried cherries instead of cranberries, for a milder flavor.

8 thoughts on “Summer Chillin’ Blog Hop

  1. I love shallots! Hubby is growing the French gray shallots this year for the farm. they’re tasty! always good to use them. I’m surprised that people don’t know about them.

    1. Yes. Anything labeled “natural ingredients” contains additives, that unless specified are unsourced. Assume they have gluten. These additives are usually hydrolyzed wheat, maltodextrin, and forms of MSG. It is possible that maltodextrin is GF, but unless the ingredients specifically state the source, you can’t assume that it is. Likewise, many broths say gluten-free on the front label, but when you read the ingredients, you find something that isn’t. 🙁 I feel like I have to be a detective just to go to the grocery store.

    1. It’s very good. It’s the only grain we know of that contains as much protein in one serving, as does a serving of milk. It is, in essence, the singular whole food. The flavor is interesting, and for that reason I don’t care for it as a flour in breads, or alone as a side grain. I like it dressed up with dried fruits, herbs, and a bit of acid to tame that muted bitterness.

      It’s expensive right now. It used to be affordable, but the price hike on everything has taken a toll on exotic grains. It’s worth the try, though. Yummy yum!

  2. Hmm, interesting. I hate additives and am very careful, but it is hard to do without totally because they are often hidden. I have never tried quinoa but I’m off to check if Sainsburys sell it. Thank you for the recipe

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