Fierce on Erotica for All!

A bit back I had the pleasure of gushing about character boners on Erotica for All. If you’ve got one, you’ll know exactly what I mean…

Guest Blog: Fierce Dolan

Fangirls Dream Banner 450 x 169Have you ever met a character in a film, book, or TV show that just wouldn’t let you go? Hot is a given, but their story stayed with you. You wanted to give them acceptance, freedom, release–you know what you wanted to give. And you know exactly what you wanted to take. With a character boner like that, what’s a biggest fan supposed to do?

According to the New York Times, 46% of people polled say they fantasize about other people while having sex with their lovers. So do you? Do you pretend that deep dicking is from primetime’s most popular fall guy living a lie to protect innocent others? Or does the skirt upshot you’re dreaming of belong to the blushing damsel desperate for release in the novel that won’t let you go?


Maybe roleplaying is more your style? Does your lover go the extra mile and become the angst-ridden cowboy from that western, with you tied up and being a good little pony? Maybe you get to be Daddy while your little one sits on your lap and confesses the secrets of your favorite girl-next-door, reluctant heroine.

So, so many ways to play out treasured scenes and sins that keep you up at night. That need to fill in certain fictional character hangover blanks was my inspiration for The Fangirl’s Dream. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to meet a hot character from a book, TV show, or film, you’ll love this book. So tell me, who’s your book boyfriend? What doll of your silver screen dreams creams for you? I want to know your character crushes, and the naughty things you do with them in that fangirl imagination of yours!

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