Friday Flashfic – Spoils of Discipline

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Mere hours before, he’d rested tentatively across her lap

in the chair.

A bad boy,

he is

not quite young enough

to make her

sugar mommy,

mature enough to kneel when he’s told,

green enough to rut

under every whack of her hand

on his bare ass.


It always starts there,

her nestled in heirloom oak,

him planked over her thighs.

Soon  he’s exasperated,


and she grasps his long, fat cock,

trains it out behind him.

When he thrusts

no friction eases his bid

for control.

Dizzy and frustrated,

he strains against his shackles,

puffs damp sighs against her calf.

Such a good boy,

only whimpering those errant times

her nails scrape his length.

When he’s trembling,

taut with need,

rent  of will,

she leads him,

collared and blushing

between her knees

to worship

the spoils of discipline.

When he leaves,

the chair stays empty

as she,

until he’s bad



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7 thoughts on “Friday Flashfic – Spoils of Discipline

  1. What a craftsman you are, Fierce! I love your “powerful mastery of words” as Pablo said. A delicate balance of need and desire. “…her nestled in heirloom oak, him planked over her thighs…” Just wonderful piece of writing and staging. Spectacular, welcome back.:) xo

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