Friday Flashfic – Condolences

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First, my condolences.

Your woman is an abysmal example of grace and poise. Her fake tits decry all things feminine, elegant. The wake of her gate inspires stares, yes, but not affection, not endearment.

The ensemble of her visage leaves me stricken, curious. Those lips touch yours, your body, and I wonder what traces of you perfume her—the spice lingering at her neck, the rose of her hair, the lavender at the juncture of her thighs.

Such a poor complement she is to your allure, your beauty, you perfect specimen of man.

Second, I enjoyed pretending she was you.


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5 thoughts on “Friday Flashfic – Condolences

  1. mmm I loved the words so elegant and seductive, great detail portrays her. I want to know more, especially from the ending. Great twist. 🙂 Great flash.

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