“The Fangirl’s Dream,” in Review

By Saph’s Steamy Books:

“I actually really enjoyed The Fangirl’s Dream even though the length was less than 50 pages.  We received enough detail to understand that Siler is a public defender; a job that doesn’t allow time for dating.  She seeks out the services of Madam Eve to make her dream of meeting her favorite tv star come true.  The events that unfold take us to a different location altogether where we get to witness Siler’s reality at meeting her hero – in the jungle – on the set of her favorite show.  There are a couple of steamy sex scenes which, after all, was why Siler sought out Madame Eve’s assistance.  The ending isn’t a happily ever after but the story is ended on a sweet note alluding to a potential HEA in Siler’s future.

If you enjoy plot twists, alternate reality-type stories, and a little bit of steam, I would certainly suggest this 1 Night Stand (1NS) novella.”

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