Juicy Review for “The Fangirl’s Dream”

From Nicky Peacock:

FanGirlsDream_small“This book was brilliant! Seriously, who doesn’t have a TV show crush? We all have one, and sit dreamily staring at the screen imagining what it would be like to slip into their world and seduce the hell out of them! This is exactly what Fierce does in Fangirl’s Dream.

It’s a short read with a great hook and seamlessly takes you on a sexy adventure with a female lead who can represent us ‘real girls’. I don’t want to give too much away and ruin it, but it holds a delicate balance of show don’t tell – which I always appreciate as a reader.

From a writer’s perspective there were a few sexual words used that jarred me personally, but that’s just me and could very well be more of a cultural thing. Just because we speak the same language, there are subtle differences.  I try not to be prudish in my own writing, but there are a few words I just won’t use,  Just my personal opinion.

The front cover is brilliant – gives us a great view of hunky man – to be honest, I don’t ask for much more than that!

Overall I’d give Fangirl’s Dream 4 out of 5 stars – a must read for romance fans!”

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