There’s No Drooling in Shiftersquick

Shibari Art by Boris Mosafir @flickr I’ve blogged about squicks before. There can be a wide margin between infatuation, curiosity, squick. And you can never say what that line is. It changes one reader to the next.  One’s penchant for golden showers may freak out another’s snowballing, noncon fantasy, breath play, or age play.

Squicks aren’t all physical acts or manifestations. They can be psychological, as in humiliation, deprivation, slavery. They can be relationship or psychosocial configurations, such as interracial, polyamory, pansexuality.

Some get off on the psychology involved, the possibility of the squick, while others get off on the reaction of being squicked.

Whatever your kink,  some boundless erotica author is writing about it, pushing the boundaries of the taboo you’d never dare speak.

Or would you?

What contorts your sensitivities into curious fantasy? What pushes you beyond the threshold of known titillation to unexpected exhiliration?
Squicks don’t always make sense. Some we can anticipate, some we can’t. It’s usually the ones we don’t expect to turn us on that present the most problems.

The Scattered Dark series isn’t for the faint of heart,or stomach in some cases. That’s not to say that I don’t have some real turn-offs. For instance, I went way out of my way to reflect the primal animal aspects of the wolves in the series. None of them drool. Ever. Even in the margins.

No, there’s no drooling in shiftersquick. But there is a hot chick, this time.

Journal of a Lycanthrophile, Book One of The Scattered Dark Series by Fierce DolanAbout Lycanthrophile

A dark tale of forbidden love, insatiable lust, and desperate need… Jesse Holloman has a fetish for justice and a kink for werewolves. He only feels alive with werewolf lovers, yet he discovers a terrible secret that’s destroying them, and will possibly ruin him, as well. His passions spiral into a world of pain, shadow desires, and an even more sinister, secretive sort of shapeshifter—the kind that changes without shifting. When the kink most forbidden is the monster that sates, can he overcome his shadow proclivities to intervene, or will he risk the only thing that’s ever been important to him?

Book One of The Scattered Dark Series.

Warning: This series thrives on explicit, graphic shifter sex, gay kink, and horror elements, often and usually all at once.

“Erotica in the truest sense of the word: sex is an integral element. The story wouldn’t exist without it, yet sex isn’t the focus of it, just a means of exploring the story’s themes…” BDSM Book Reviews, 5 paddles

About Alpha

Alpha, Book Two of The Scattered Dark Series, by Fierce Dolan

When domme Alaine Dunham meets beautiful, young werewolf Seth, she dreams of training him to be the perfect bottom to fill her Alpha needs. She quickly finds that gentling the wild wolf is one thing; subduing the rebellious human is another. Tensions mount as the full moon pushes them to consummate their bond before relationship concerns are soothed.

After a strange book falls into Alaine’s hands she begins to doubt her relationship, her instincts, and the moon.

Warning: This series thrives on explicit, graphic shifter sex, kink, and horror elements, often and usually all at once.

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