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The Dirtier the Better?

Whoever coined the phrase ‘mommy porn’ perhaps hasn’t been properly desired.  Hasn’t felt the thrill, the rush of mutual need spark like lightning – its fierce crisp zap shoot through their veins, setting their nerves on fire.  Sexy doesn’t necessarily mean smutty.  Anyone can talk trash; fill a page with harsh, crude words to describe a liaison between two lovers.  But, like that first skip of your heart beat, that first freeze of your breath when your eyes meet and that spark is struck like flint to fire, the build-up of flames takes proper care and consideration.  It takes time to smolder, simmer and burn.  It’s like choosing ‘Jugs verses Playboy.  You can view the pictures and skip the allure or you and enjoy the articles, the stories, along the way.

Like all relationships, these things take time.  Sensual urgency and need is what builds that desire.  A single misused word can splash cold water all over the moment and you find the story takes a turn from sexy and alluring to just plain smut.  How erotic you like your read is ultimately up to the reader.  That’s the beauty of writing and selection – your choices are your own – between the sheets.

Claimed By You

Vranthian Vampires
Book 2
K.A. M’Lady

Genre:  Sci-fi/Paranormal, Vampire Erotica

Publisher:  Mojocastle Press

Date of Publication: 10/21/13

ISBN:  978-1-60180-201-9

Number of pages:  63
Word Count: 15,117

Cover Artist:  Fionna Jayde

Book Description:

Magic Changes Everything When Loves Claims The Soul

On Vranthia, The Wasting is spreading, mutating, claiming not only the women of this fierce, warrior race, but stealing the lives of men, children, warriors, and now, some say, even the Elders among their race.

Rumors of the trion – the ancient joining of Vranthian, Darengy and Outworlder blood and magic as a cure – is growing beyond the halls of Prince Kuthar’s court. With his brother, Prince Draven’s recent joining, there is the first glimmer of hope for their people. But with hope comes lies and growing subterfuge. The Elders demand a rightful ruler and some will stop at nothing to get it.

Kuthar Balacjek – leader, warrior, and vampire is first in line to be the rightful king. Bred to rule from an early age, he has learned Vranthian laws, and their ancient history. He has studied their past, and fought their battles with the blood, sweat and ferocity, that only a true ruler can comprehend. But The Wasting is an enemy that even he is uncertain how to conquer. Will he find the answers he seeks in the ones whose fate he now controls? Or have they laid claim to his soul?

Cynthiana Rue – Cyn – has never been more irritated in her life. Space-napped by her best-friend and a misfit crew of alien vampires she is swept up in Vranthian legend, war and her captors’ unbridled passions. Will she fight for her freedom or give in to the unknown?

Ooen has known slavery his entire life. Bound since youth to guard the Elder, Vogeth, he has known a life of deception. And now, The Wasting has changed everything. Accused of Vogeth’s death, his fate now lies in the hands of the Vranthian ruler – something his human captive can comprehend. Will he too rebel, or will his magic help to set them all free?

About the Author:
Author K.A. M’Lady lives a few stone throws from corn fields, chaos and congestion; all lying on the outskirts of the many burbs of Chicago. KA M’lady spends her days calculating life expectancies, mortality and the certainty of death and taxes while in her free time the dead wander freely, buy shoes, homes, the occasional odd business or two and, if you even think of charging them too much in taxes…well, let’s just say the tax man may never come back. But if he does he might just shamble a bit.
An All Romance eBooks bestselling author, K.A. M’lady’s work has been described as scary, descriptive, beautiful, dark, frightening, addictive, sexy and believable. She loves to read paranormal romances, watching horror movies, westerns on Sundays with her husband, playing fetch with her pocket beagle, Chevy and buying weird shoes. Her friends call her eccentric, her family refuses to comment. She’s been lost in the world of fiction since she was a small child, and frankly, never wants to be found—at least not any time soon. “Myth and magic builds dreams and inspirations – and in an insane world, it is our dreams that spark the revolution of change. No matter which world is being conquered. Within our dreams – all things are possible.” 

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