Friday Flashfic – Madam of a House of Literary Prostitution

100 words to tell a story based on an image…
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The candle flickers

as I read Little Birds,

glut myself on the overzealous Baron at the Grand Hotel with the girls,

the young confessor who dreamed of making love to vicunas,

poor Miguel, frightened of twat, craving cock,

the tentative Basque, edging along Viviane’s whisper, “just the tip,”

threesomes, voyeurism, strapped women, latent man-love, jealousy, and

so. much. fucking–

even queefs, Anaïs made sexy.

Somewhere between “Please wash a little less,”

and “the last drop of pleasure,”

the candle topples.

As you heft me over your shoulder,

I gaze down at my floor

and think I may get some



8 thoughts on “Friday Flashfic – Madam of a House of Literary Prostitution

  1. Spectacular……So intense, so tensely engaging, so beautifully written with a charmer of a last line. Don’t we all have the same unspoken wish? I loved this flash, it is simply wonderful 🙂 xo

  2. So many vivid pictures are brought to my senses with this fabulous tease. Weill he please her or is all she has hoped been done in vain. I loved this flash.

  3. Superb flash. Really loving the idea of writing a flash in poetic form!

    Last line made me laugh. Hope she does!

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