Friday Flashfic – Lightning, Then Thunder

100 words to tell a story based on an image…

Today’s inspiring photo is from Will Blog for Sex.


 Lightning, Then Thunder

I loved
him over me,
his hands on me,
his lips tracing my face,
the naughty plans he whispered
in my ear.

I wanted to cream
from finally having him,
to touch,
to feel,
to fuck.
Finally, he was mine.
And to be fair,
he helped
get me there.


But when she
knelt between us
and slipped her tongue
along my slit,
everything he did
was an afterthought
to the swirling,
my hole.

He was the lightning
foretelling the storm
she stirred in me,
an element in
the torrent of lust
left puddled
at our feet.

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5 thoughts on “Friday Flashfic – Lightning, Then Thunder

  1. Absolutely wonderful. Your flasher stirred up a lot of emotion and your visuals were perfect. I really felt like I was looking on wanting more

  2. Wow! Hot! I love the detail, my breath caught in my throat as I read this. Awesome flash! *fans face*

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