Meet Erotica Author, Yolanda Shoshana, Badass Bruja

I’m really excited to host Yolanda Shoshana, author of  Coven of the Courtesan!

Who has been the biggest influence on your writing? How so?

I do not have one influence is it a big ole mix from Shakespeare, VC Andrews, Lorraine Hansberry to Jackie Collins. My influences are diverse kind of like I am. I am a lover of good writing across different genres. I was a theater major which is probably why I like to discover and get inspired by so many different writers.

If you were going to slash two (or more) of your favorite characters from any book, film, or TV show, who would it be, why, and what’s their favorite position?

Oh this is a toss up so I am going to make it a foursome. (I like the way she thinks!) First I would slash Sherlock and Watson from the show, Elementary, because I love their chemistry and wonder what it would be like. I imagine it would be missionary. But I also want to slash Morgan and Garcia from Criminal Minds because it is probably never gonna happen on the show. It would so be doggystyle. Then I would slash the four of them for a big ‘ole interracial orgy!

Pitch yourself to shiny, new readers in thirty words or less:

I am a BadAss Bruja, Clairvoyant, Courtesan Curator, and Author, helping women have amazing love, toe curling sex, and unleash their magick.

Tell me about your groupies–what have been your favorite fan moments?

My favorite fan moments tend to happen in the streets of New York, I will hear my name and it’s someone who has read my book or who is following my work on social media. People not only come up to me to say hello, since they know that I am clairvoyant, they ask questions and tell me all kinds of things like they know me. It’s rather cool that people trust me so much. I treasure that.

Every author has pitfalls in their writing process. Describe one of yours, and what you do to dig out of it.

My pitfall is New York City. There is so much to do and distract on any given night. It takes great effort to stay home and write sometimes. How I dig out of it is hard deadlines. If I pick a date to be complete with a piece or a book I am working on, I make myself stick to it. It makes me stay focused on getting it done.

My mother always joked about her special place in Hell—just punishments for guilty pleasures. What guilty pleasures will send you to your special place in Hell?

Thank goodness I am Jewish so I’m not going to Hell. LOL! However, if they were making a special arrangement for me to go I would say that my guilty pleasures of porn would send me. I love porn and smut, not the kind that degrades women but the kind that shows off how much women love good sex. I am a big promoter of telling women to watch porn with their partner so that they can learn some new moves. Some of the people in porn have sweet skills.

List 5 keywords for your genre and current title.

The keywords are magick, witches, love, coven, and seduction

In 100 words, write a paragraph including a favorite character from one (or more) of your books, a sex toy, and a very happy ending.

Bast went to her drawer and pulled out her 24k gold Lelo vibrator. She had a hard day and needed something to take the edge off. She didn’t want or need anyone to get her off. Her goal was vibrate on hard and get to the point. All she wanted to do is cum then go to bed to be done with this crappy day.

After getting comfortable on her bed, Bast turned the gadget on to high and hard thrust. She opened her legs to slide the vibrator in, she swore she heard her pussy say come to mama.

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Coven of the Courtesan
The Courtesan Chronicles
Book 1
Yolanda Shoshana

Genre: Erotic Romance, Magick

Publisher: Bastet Publishing

ASIN: B00G7P079Q

Number of pages: 40

AmazonGoogleKobo Smashwords

Book Description:

Coven of the Courtesan follows a coven of witches in New York City who bring back the magick and art of the courtesan. Come on the adventures of Bast, Lola, and Pixie as they take you on a journey that looks like Charmed meets Sex in the City.

Coven of the Courtesan, Book 1- The Courtesan Chronicles Series

Bast Buchanan is about to become CEO of Spellbound Entertainment until the Ewing family swoops down and buys the company. She never saw this coming.

Ramennis Ewing expects to run his father’s new conquest and take over the family media empire. He is ready to prove there is more to him than what is in the press.

When Bast is asked to work side by side with roving playboy, Ramennis, can she continue to keep her guard up with this new enemy, one of the sexiest men she has ever met or does her coven have to open up a can of power of three on him. Just who will seduce whom?

*The mixed media novelette series contains real magick and spells.

About Yolanda

Yolanda Shoshana (“Shoshi”) is a BadAss Bruja, Celebrity Clairvoyant, Courtesan Curator, and Author. She helps people have amazing love, toe curling sex, and unleash their magick.

Shoshi is the creatrix of Bruja Bespoke, an apothecary for bodacious and sensuous women. When not creating, conjuring, or interviewing, she can be found officiating wedding ceremonies around New York.


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