Confessions of a Bad Fangirl……..

I have a confession to make: I was a bad fangirl. When I first submitted The Fangirl’s Dream to my publisher, Decadent Publishing, I was still reveling in my TV boyfriend hangover and memories of visiting the Yucatan a while back. It’s not my fault. I mean, I didn’t do it on purpose. How could I help it, distracted by the possibility of writing out […]

Five Things New Authors Should Know

Dear Enchanting Everyone, I’ve been distant lately. Don’t take it personally. It’s me, not you, I swear. I’ve been working really hard on several new contracts (YAY!!) which hasn’t left me much time to play. That said, the aforementioned projects have given me insight into longevity in a publishing career (across several genres) that I’d […]

Writing the Future!

This morning on NPR’s Morning Edition, I listened to a segment on bargain space ship launching. Yes, that’s more or less the gist. In light of the grounding of space shuttle Atlantis, it’s been realized that the costs of expansion into space are too exorbitant and we need to spend less. To the rescue comes Elon […]

Radically Different Direction

Sometimes I actually slow down and look at things.  Not often, but sometimes.  Lately when I’ve done that I don’t like what I see.  Since A’s death I’ve been in this mode of going nonstop, yet hiding in a way.  Like I’ve said–I haven’t really gone out like I used to.  Well, I mean, I […]

Mary Sue, the Secret DNA

You know that kind of blind artistic fury wherein you feel your cells burning off lightspeed, you have to piss but you don’t want to stop writing, and, well, sleep?  What’s that?  The last couple of months have been that way for me.  I’ve cranked out at least five short to novella pieces.  Most of […]