A Triumphant F*cking Faux Pas

Everyone’s in an uproar because Mother Jones  reporter Mac McClelland staged her own rape.  The short version is, having covered many accounts of sexual assault around the globe, McClelland found herself experiencing PTSD via transferrance.  When conventional therapy didn’t help, in an attempt to alleviate it herself she staged her own rape.  Big deal, right?  […]

Radically Different Direction

Sometimes I actually slow down and look at things.  Not often, but sometimes.  Lately when I’ve done that I don’t like what I see.  Since A’s death I’ve been in this mode of going nonstop, yet hiding in a way.  Like I’ve said–I haven’t really gone out like I used to.  Well, I mean, I […]

Mary Sue, the Secret DNA

You know that kind of blind artistic fury wherein you feel your cells burning off lightspeed, you have to piss but you don’t want to stop writing, and, well, sleep?  What’s that?  The last couple of months have been that way for me.  I’ve cranked out at least five short to novella pieces.  Most of […]

The Stupid Litmus Test and Speaking Truth

Not terribly long ago, I was discussing someone’s behaviour with a friend in a very matter-of-fact narration, and the friend emphatically replied, “Well, she’s just stupid!”  The words were a caustic insult. I was shocked. When I was growing up there were two s-words: “shutup” and “stupid.” I wasn’t allowed to say either, because both […]