Lunar Solstice and Winter Eclipse

Because it’s been that kind of weekend. What other kind of weekend can it be, other than jumbled up, leading to a powerful full lunar eclipse over Winter Solstice? The darkest night of the year just got darker, so to speak. We’ve not had a full lunar eclipse on Winter Solstice in 456 years (according […]

Tiwaz, in the Eleventh Hour

Despite scribal appearances, I swear I do more than complain. In fact, I work my ass off, which is most likely strong commentary on the aforementioned. I met with my editor the other day who gave me insight on the scope of things in the publishing industry right now. I asked for it–it wasn’t unsolicited. […]

Have Water Cooler, Will Travel

Writers carry their water cooler everywhere they go (I got mone from; thus, everyone feels compelled to ask how The Project is going. Doesn’t matter if they have no idea about the process, the industry, or don’t have a sense of what’s intrusive. Everyone asks. Then everyone gives advice. Everyone critiques, suggests, tells a […]

Times That I’m a Metaphor

My grandfather caught me stomping on an anthill once. After he was done with me, I never did it again, not because he scared me, or because his anger overwhelmed me. In fact, all he said was, “Do you know how hard they work to build those?” The good sense driving my shame changed me. […]

Cosmic Weather and Really Linear Ducks

In the last two weeks I’ve watched several friends’ years-long relationships fall apart, the US government shoot itself in the foot (again), the Irish government shoot itself in the foot, the US military shoot everyone in the foot… I’ve also been questioning my stamina to keep at it in the publishing world. I guess that […]

The Modern Dinosaur and Loving the Process

Anyone who can’t imagine what the extinction of dinosaurs looked like need only gaze across the shifting landscape of today’s publishing industry. Will it die out? No, but it’s flagging. It’s confused. It doesn’t know the best way to sustain itself. It doesn’t know how–or is unwilling to–survive with modern technology. It doesn’t know how […]

Stranger Than Fiction

I guess that depends on the fiction. I guess if you’ve been following along you know that In’am, the man from the breavement group, found this blog. We’ve been carrying a nice conversation. And honestly, it’s really nice. It’s probably the first interaction I’ve had since A died where I wasn’t really thinking about lunch, […]

Catholic Karma

I’m intrigued that on the eve of All Saints’ Day the Vatican refused to see a hundred survivors of sexual abuse perpetrated by clergy. Just goes to show you that in the eyes of holy Big Brother, the physically dead are more respected than the emotionally murdered, the spiritually decimated. Thus, the message is when […]


I guess the Fates are conspiring for me, somewhat. I made another sell this week. This is very good for many reasons, but it lets me know that I can’t stay in the funk I’ve been in. Things are moving on, and i have to, as well. I like my funk. It feels good, like […]

Caned Proper

Not really.  I was a good little troll.  I just wanted to get your attention.  Although I did go out last night.  I’ve not gone out, well you know, in a year. It was weird.   I felt like everyone could see through me, and even when I was watching a cute little blonde chick top an enormous […]