My Bewitching Book Tour!!

To celebrate the release of Book Two of The Scattered Dark Series, Alpha, all week 2-6 December, Book One, Journal of a Lycanthrophile is free for download on Amazon! Also, various info about Alpha will be available on my Bewitching Book Tour. Check out all the stops to learn more about writing erotic horror, and of course, challenges of […]

Friday Flashfic – The One Who Won’t Survive

100-word flash challenge. Today’s inspiration photo is from Will Blog for Sex, courtesy of ~*~*~*~ ‘Girl on Fire,’ they say. I’m the one who set her aflame, and I don’t mean just the dress. They wanted her tamed, contained. To overcome that, unconditional affection, unwavering adoration, and belief in herself were what she needed–not from a […]

Claimed By You by K.A. M’Lady

  Enjoy today’s guest post from K. A. M’Lady! The Dirtier the Better? Whoever coined the phrase ‘mommy porn’ perhaps hasn’t been properly desired.  Hasn’t felt the thrill, the rush of mutual need spark like lightning – its fierce crisp zap shoot through their veins, setting their nerves on fire.  Sexy doesn’t necessarily mean smutty.  […]

There’s No Drooling in Shiftersquick

 I’ve blogged about squicks before. There can be a wide margin between infatuation, curiosity, squick. And you can never say what that line is. It changes one reader to the next.  One’s penchant for golden showers may freak out another’s snowballing, noncon fantasy, breath play, or age play. Squicks aren’t all physical acts or manifestations. They […]

Friday Flashfic – Condolences

Today’s inspiration photo is from Will Blog for Sex, courtesy of Condolences First, my condolences. Your woman is an abysmal example of grace and poise. Her fake tits decry all things feminine, elegant. The wake of her gate inspires stares, yes, but not affection, not endearment. The ensemble of her visage leaves me stricken, curious. Those […]