Parade of Digital Diversity Tour, Spring 2012

Welcome to Fierce Dolan’s Parade of Digital Diversity Book Blog Tour 2012!

To celebrate the release of Gigolo Seduction from Decadent Publishing on 4 May 2012, join me on my 8-stop tour to celebrate strong erotic literature, share some laughs, and meet some great people from all walks.

January 2012 interviewed on Xcite Books Xcite Books

25 April – interviewed on Garland and Gould

4 May – on A Daily Dose of Decadent, “The Only ‘F’ at Decadent”

4 May – with Kerry Adrienne

8 May – interviewed on Silken Sheets & Seduction

8 May – on Sex Scheming Geniuses, “Seduction”

8 May – featured on Book Cover Lovers

11 May – on Four Strong Women, “Cougar – the New White Elephant”

13 May – with Kacey Hammel

22 May – with Zee Monodee

22 May – with Lia Davis, “You Say Distraction, I Say Divination”

24 May – on Redzworld

29 May – with Deena Remiel, A Secret of Soul Romance

1 June – on The Top Shelf, What the Hell is MezzoFiction?

5 June – on Road to Hell

8 June – on Manic Readers Rocking a Pseudonym

11 June – with Mhalia Levey, Classic MILFs

24 June on Savvy Authors, SEO Seduction